St.Patricks Day Parade

Hey Guys

Although St.Patricks Day isn't in another 2 days, I still went to the parade in town today. It's always on the Sunday before St.Patricks Day and let me tell you it's the closest you'll ever get to Ireland in Germany. 

We (my mum, dad, aunt, her husband and me) took the train into town at about 11:30. When we arrived they weren't allowed to sell Guinness yet so we basically just stayed near the "bar". 

Fun Fact: My PE teacher was selling Cider there and she recognised me. Bit embarrassing.

Anyways... So we got our beer and spend 3 hours there listening to the music, I tried to find out where they got these cool green hats with slogans on and we drank a lot. 

Because it wasn't really warm even though the sun was out we soon decided to go to our favourite Irish pub in Munich. This time it wasn't Guinness but Cider. I personally like it Cider more.
But now let's talk about the burger we ate. It was literally PERFECTION. It was a lamb burger with grilled onions and an amazing sauce (i can't remember what it was) compared with the basic burger content (salad, tomatoes...). It was huge but when your hungry you're able to eat a lot, am I right?

We spend two more hours or so there until we all got really tired and got back to the train station.

I am honestly so tired now but I still have to revise for my chemistry test on Tuesday (kill me now please) ehhhh someone explain to me why I took chemistry. 

lots of love xx

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