A Truly Magical Night

Hey Guys

This is a little recap of the Sam Smith concert me and a friend of mine went to on Wednesday.

We went there about an hour before start which turned out to be a good decision since we ended up standing fourth row during the show. And it was the most amazing and heart touching concert I've ever been too.

Never would I have thought that I'd cry as soon as he comes on stage. But I did. More than once. He was worth the tears tho haha. 
Anyway.... after we got into the venue, it didn't take long till the whole room was filled with people.

After the doors closed, Kwabs (you might know his song called 'Walk') immediately started his show and I really freaked out, because I love his songs and I was gutted when I found out I couldn't go to his concert. But in that way I saw him life, kinda for free. 
Seriously he knows how to make a good show. Everyone was dancing and singing loudly along with him and just had a good time.

30 minutes later they put up a black Curtain in front of the stage and turned out all the lights (I still saw Sam Smith walking onto the stage tho, he was like a little kid about to meet his kindergarten friends for playtime). A few moments later he started singing single lyrics of 'Life Support'. That was when the first tears escaped my eyes. 
Then the curtain fell and the outlines of his face on a semi transparent curtain showed up. You still couldn't see him until they suddenly turned on the lights, which then made me nearly break down in tears. I don't know why I cried, this normally only happens when I'm a massive massive fan of the artist aka One Direction or 5sos. But never mind.

He was really personal during the whole concert and tried to "talk" with us.

For me it seemed like he was honestly happy and thankful for what he was doing. At one point of the concert it was only him and a piano on stage. He started talking about the beginnings of his career and why he wrote some of the songs on the album. To be honest it all made me really emotional, especially when he started singing 'Lay me down', which is not only my most favourite track but also there are a lot of, not only good, memories connected to this song. (I would've added a video at this point but you can hear me crying in the background and I'm shaking a lot).

In the end I can say it was one of THE best concerts I've ever been to and it was totally worth it. So if Sam Smith ever comes to a city near you for a concert take the chance and go see him. I made some amazing and unforgettable memories this night. I wish I would've stayed longer to try and get a picture with him but I had school next day (I didn't go tho because I ended up with having the flu).

lots of love xx

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