My cute secret project

Hey Guys

I've had this idea about doing something nice for everyone at my school. Basically i wanted to hang up these 'Take what you need' sheets everywhere in the building and also stick some post-it's with cute quotes about beauty and life to the mirrors in the girls bathrooms.

So I sat down and tried to design my own flyes and collected some quotes. After some time I told one of my best friends about my plan and asked her to help me. 
We then decided to do the whole thing on the day of the solar eclipse (yesterday), which meant we had to hurry up a little. 

In the end we had 25 copies of the flyer and 17 post-it's each.

For me school normally starts at 9.20 am on Fridays but my best friend starts at 7.50 am and we wanted to do everything before school. That meant we had to meet 7.25 am to be sure no one would be in the building already.

In all the years I've been attending this school I've never seen it so empty and been there so early. 

But it was worth it because even though no one knows we were the ones who did this the feedback and reactions were amazing. I heard o many people especially the year 5 and year 11s (to whom I belong) were only saying positive things and how cute they thought it was especially since there is a lot of pressure our year is under concerning the typical beauty topic with this whole being skinny, always up to date with the newest trends and also getting good grades.

All in all I'm really happy with the reactions and how the whole plan turned out. If you eve thought about maybe doing thee same, do it. You don't necessarily have to tell everyone it was you if you're not sure about the reactions but I bet nearly everyone will think it's cute and maybe even be gutted that they did not do it before you. Don't just say you want to do this one day because that is what everyone can. But to actually go and sit down to plan everything takes a lot of courage and discipline.

Don't hesitate asking be about how I designed the flyer or where I got my quotes from.

lots of love xx

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