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In November 2014 I went to see Ed Sheeran while he was on tour in Germany (I might do a post about this). He had two support acts, I can't really remember the name of the first one (sorry) and the second support act was called 'Saint Raymond'. (I actually wanted to use one of my own pictures but they all turned out to be completely blurry)

And believe me when I tell you he was AMAZING. I can't really explain it.
I guess he's one of those artist you just have to see live and experience their shows yourself so you can understand what I mean.
Basically, you were able to not only see but feel the effort and passion he put into his show.
Since then I've been kind of addicted to his songs. They are the most played ones on my iTunes and Spotify account.I will leave you the links below.

That is not only caused by my addiction to them but also because they are just perfect for relaxing, reading, writing (I'm actually listening to him right now) or just studying for school or uni.

Some basic facts about him:
  • His real name is Callum Burrows
  • He was born on March 30th 1995 in Nottingham, England
  • He's a singer/songwriter, furthermore he plays guitar on stage but is always joined by a band too
  • His career started in 2012 and is on going
  • The genre of the songs he writes are mostly Alternative but can also be classified as Pop, Indie and partly Rock

Here are some links in case you now want to listen to some of his songs or just want to go and get to know him a little more:

lots of love xx
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