The start of something new

Music has always been really important to me.
When people ask me to explain what I feel whenever I listen to music I tell them 3 simple words: Happiness, Sadness and Love.

Before I tell you why I started this blog I want you to get to know me a bit.

To start off with, I consider myself as a not so typical teenager. 
What do I mean with this?
Well, unlike most of my friends I don't really go outside, go to parties nor am I trying to meet boys (I'm socially awkward), get drunk every Friday night or do whatever "typical" teenagers are doing.
I prefer to stay home and maybe have a marathon of a series I'm currently watching, curl up in my bed with a nice cup of tea, maybe some chocolate ice cream, and a good book (I found myself reading more often in the last couple of month.) OR something that is really typical for me and maybe some of you too, I just simply obsess over bands. Sometimes I cry or I just freak out over them and their music.
You probably guessed it by now but if not: Yes, I am a massive fangirl.
I can't even count all the fandoms I'm in. Oops.

Anyway... I am actually from Germany (eww) so please don't expect any high class writing skills. I love dancing, writing and drawing, but I am not really creative.

Now to why I started this blog.
The first one is basically what I wrote in the beginning of this post and the seconds reason is that I want to share artist and songs I found, and concert experiences I made with you. 

So now that you know what I will be writing about here, please let me tell you that I won't force you to like the artists or songs I share with you, nor do I want to make anyone jealous with my concert recaps. I just want everyone to be happy and enjoy music just as much as I do. 

lots of love xx
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