My Daily Skin Care Routine

How are you all on this beautiful November Sunday? I'm so released I finally finished my paper today. This is also the reason for the missing post on Wednesday (really sorry about this) but now it's done and I can fully concentrate on the blogging again. 
At first I wanted to do another first impressions about 'Get Weird' by Little Mix but since there was no post on Wednesday and it's the final of 'Das gro├če Backen' (it's similar to the great British bake off) is tonight there was not enough time. So I decided I'll do the original post from Wednesday.

Since I was 10 my mum always used to take me to her studio and took care of my skin and since she is a beautician I had a good control over my acne. I never had acute problems but my skin never was and still isn't totally free of acne.
Another bonus of my mums job is the fact I only use those products that are totally right for my skin. So let's start with my daily skin care routine.

My routine begins before bed. First thing I do is taking of my makeup with the 'Luminesce youth restoring cleanser'. It is incredible. Basically you apply a small amount to you fingertips and massage it evenly across the whole face. Then rinse it with warm water and pat not rub your face dry.
There won't be any panda eyes or blocked pores by foundation. It removes everything. 
Unfortunately you can't buy this in stores but if you want to try it message me and I'll send you a code (it's from my mum because she's an officially retailer) and then you can buy it on the Juenesse website.

Moving on I use my trusty Garnier Pure Active (I believe that's the one in England) toner. I just put a bit on a cotton pad and swipe it across my face focusing on the T-zone to get rid of any dead skin cells. Sometimes my cleanser leaves a bit of powder in my eyebrows so I use the toner to really clean them. Also since my skin is really oily this really helps regulating it. 

After the toner I apply some of the Vichy Normaderm Hyalu Spot on any spots I have whether they're red or sore or just starting to come up. It keep bacteria from inflaming them and helps reduce the redness.

The last thing I do before bed is putting on the Vichy Normaderm Night Detox cream. I just feel like it helps regulate my oily skin during the night and leave my skin nice and soft when I wake up.

I'm a morning shower person so while my hair is conditioning I use the Pure Active 3-in-1 Wash, Scrub and Mask again by Garnier, I'm obsessed with this brand to be honest. Obviously I used it more as a wash and scrub than a mask simply to get rid of leftovers of the night cream and dead skin cells. This makes your skin incredibly soft like a baby's butt. 
It's really good as a mask as well. I try to use it as one at least twice a week it's not always working but hey at least I'm trying.

After the shower I again use my Hyalu Spot, let it dry and then use my trusty 'Hautklar Anti-Nachfettung Feuchtigkeitspflege' again Garnier. I'm not sure if this is the Moisture+Matte or 
the Pure Active Matte Control moisturiser.
Anyway it's the perfect moisturiser for oily skin because it really helps you control the shining you get from the oil and keeps your make up in place. Basically it's perfect.

So this is it this is what I do to keep my skin healthy. Additionally I like to use a mask I got from my mum every Sunday. It's a sulfur bran mask and helps to reduce redness and keeps spots from emerging.
Not sure where to buy this though.

I hope you liked this post and again if you want to try the cleanser just message me I'll give you the code

lots of love

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