So yesterday the year 12s, which includes me, handed in their papers. You don't even know how good it felt and of course we had a massive party afterwards. 
We had a good laugh, drank a lot and went to bed way to late.
I had 3 hours of sleep in total and yes the whole year was incredibly hangover.

Hangovers why do we get those why are they necessary? I hate them their horrible not because you get the urge to be sick because I never really have this, but the headaches and the fact your just unable to do anything. 
Most of us couldn't even read or write because they were still slightly drunk. To be honest writing is way easier than reading.

But seriously when I woke up today at 6am with 3 hours sleep all I was thinking about was the fact I had to go to school and personal training in the evening. 
In fact working out is so good when you feel hangover. You might be terrified of the idea because sickness and all that but actually it helps to get rid of all symptoms.
Also eating is so important.
I never experience hunger on those rare days but still not eating makes everything worse. 
At first my stomach always turns the minute I see or smell food but after the first few bites it get better. 
And tea. Omg tea is the best it's sooooo relaxing. I love tea so much I once had like 10 cups in a day when I had the flue.

This is such a random post I don't even know what I'm saying.
Anyway I seriously had no idea what soever for days post. I actually wanted to do one on quick snacks for after school but I had no money to buy the ingredients so this might be going up on Sunday depending on whether I have time and money to buy the stuff. 
Also today I won tickets for the prelistening of Made in the A.M. by One Direction. I'm so excited I can't wait to hear the rest of the album. 

Please don't judge me for this post I guess this is just a really chatty one. Gosh this is so random :D.

lots of love

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