October Favourites

It's November!! My least favourite month but hey Christmas is in 53 days. Today I have a new monthly favourite for you and I just want to quickly mention how proud I am about the background. I threw a Halloween party yesterday, a perfect opportunity to take pictures.

Lets start with my absolute fave this month. I am a massive fan of Zoella so it was obvious that I would buy 'Girl Online - On Tour'. I already fell in love with the first book which meant that my expectations for the second book were really high. Zoe didn't disappoint me. I'm only half way through but it's already amazing and I can barely stop reading once I've started. 
If you like love stories with lots of drama this is the perfect book for you (read the 'Girl online' at first though).

I only bought this hand cream two days ago but I love it so much I just had to put it in here. It's from Body Shop and it's from the Shea range. I think it was 6€ for 30ml which I think is a bit to much the scent is incredible. It's fruity-sweet but rather decent after you used it. Also it's not greasy and the gel absorbs quickly. Well spent 6€.

Moving on to lipstick. This one is actually my first ever proper lipstick and believe it or not I bought this with my mum. I am so unsure when I comes to make up in general. I just have the fear of buying make up that doesn't look good on me so always take my mum with me to prevent major mistakes. Anyway this lipstick is from Shiseido in the shade RS745 'Fantasia' (it's from the perfect rough range). It stays on a really long time and even after eating and drinking the colour is this there. Not as strong as before but still visible. The texture is really creamy and doesn't try out your lips. Still the product is quite pricey but you get a good quality lipstick for your money. And it's the perfect autumn colour.

There is not much to say about this one except that it's a scarf from Tommy Hilfiger, it's incredibly soft and again screams autumn. I always wear it with my leather jacket and the lipstick from Shiseido. Nice one, this is.

This one is my favourite accessory at the moment. I wear it with anything. Unfortunately I can't remember where it is from. The colour is obviously who would have guessed it, copper. By the way I order Christmas decorations last week and 90% of the items are copper. 

Last but not least is the new 5sos album 'Sound Good Feels Good'. In last Sundays post I already told you what I thought about the songs on it so if you want to read it again because you can't remember it or if you've missed it click here

Here you go these are my October favourites. Also enjoy this picture of the dinner table decorations from yesterday.
Before I forget, I made a playlist again. Listen to the songs I loved most during October here.

lots of love

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