Exam makeup routine

It's snowing 😍 The trees and roofs I can see from my window are covered completely in snow. Finally it really feels like winter and especially Christmas. By the way yesterday my mum and I had our first Christmas biscuits baking session this year and they turned out incredible. The whole flat smells like cinnamon.

But on the downside Christmas and winter also mean exam time for me so there's not much time for Christmas shopping,
Christmas markets or just enjoying the holy spirit. 
Physics is next Tuesday and I am really nervous since I'll be taking it as one of my A-level exams. 
Speaking of exams I hate having makeup on while trying to concentrate and remember stuff during the exam especially because I tend to rub my eyes and face a lot. So makeup is a bad choice on those days. But I also don't want to go to school bare faced so I want to share my makeup routine for exam days.

So I usually start of with my moisturiser and then I just apply some concealer, the true match concealer by L'oreal, to all the red spots, around my nose and under my eyes just to make me look less sick. 
When it comes to brushes, beauty blender or fingers I constantly change. But at the moment I always use my foundation brush, which by the way is horrible for foundation but amazing for concealer, weird I know.

Next up is powder to set the concealer and mat my face because I hate how oily and shiny my skin is. I just use my trusty Maybelline fit me powder in 120. Again I sometimes go for the pad thingy that's already coming with the powder but at the moments it's the brushes again.

Now this step isn't really neccessary because usually I get my lashed dyed by my mum since she's a beautician but sometimes I still use a but mascara. Not during my 4 hour German exam though because this is nerve wrecking. Anyway I use the Miss Manga Mascara again by L'oreal since it really stays on and doesn't crumble down your face also I found out it's waterproof to some extent so perfect for after the exam (at least for me sometimes). 

When it comes to eyebrows again my mum dyes them for me since I naturally have blond eyebrows and look really weird if I don't colour them in. So this is one of the steps I skip during exams.

Last but not least is some chap stick. I either use my red eos lip balm, I can't remember the name but it smells like raspberries, or the mint baby lips. Both are clear so you don't have to worry about the colour wearing out and leaving lines. 

This routine saves me about 10 minutes every morning which I usually spend on some last minute revision to just remind myself of all the important facts. 
Really hope you liked this, let me know what you do to get ready for exams, makeup and revision wise because at the moment I'm happy about every single tip.

lots of love

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