18th Birthday Haul

It happened! I finally turned 18! 
And to celebrate that me and my best friend from the UK went shopping in Munich.
Obviously I got quite a variety of things and I wanted to share them with you on here.
For those of you who want to know what else I did on my birthday, stay tuned for Wednesday. I'll put up a post explaining what I did and what I got.

But let's start the birthday haul.

Starting with make up. I went into the MAC store in Munich for the first time yesterday and left it with a new concealer.
It's amazing. The consistency is rather creamy and thick so for the 20€ you get quite a big pot which will last you really long.

Next thing I got was a new foundation brush from ebelin. 
Their brushes are really good quality for little money.
The brush is incredibly soft but still has a nice stiffness to it which makes it perfect for foundation.

Moving on to jewellery. I piked up this really cute bracelet from &other stories. I absolutely love it, it's a really decent dark kind of burgundy red with three little gold charms. 
The rings are from H&M. The leave design is so pretty and gold goes with everything.

Candle wise I discovered the scented candles from &other stories and just had to pick up the Le Grand Moyeu Bougie Parfumèe one (if you know what it means please let me know). The scent is really fresh and flowery but not too sweet so actually the perfect candle for a summer night.
And of course it looks gorgeous.

Next up are cloths. When we walked past Hollister I saw that they had the new spring stuff in and I bought this lovely white crop top with the detail in the front and a new jumper they had in sale. It's grey and white with kind of a turtle neck and it's really soft.

Of course I couldn't go home before popping into the music store and get some CD's.
I actually just wanted to get the new Little Mix album 'Get Weird' but I then found the 5sos stack and got the 'She's kinda hot' and 'Hey evreybody' single and the 'Somewhere new' EP as well.

Last shop we went to was LUSH. I don't have any pictures but I got the Uniorn Horn bubble bath, the Intergalactic bath bomb as well as the Sakura bath bomb.

As I said there will be more about my 18th birthday on Wednesday so be excited for that. By the way how old are you? Let me know in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

lots of love


  1. Happy birthday!!! Love your picks! Great taste in music as well.:) I'm seventeen--my 18th is in November.

  2. thank you!! ow that's still some time to go then ^^