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HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope you all had a great start into 2016 and spend NYE with your loved ones or threw a massive party.
Either way I bet it was hell of a lot of fun.

I just quickly want to apologise for not posting on Sunday but I'm dealing with a lot of difficult personal stuff and I decided to concentrate on that first. However I will still try to put up something new twice a week.

But now let's talk about today. It's a Haul again.
My mum and I went shopping on Monday, mainly to try on some prom dresses, but as always I also got some other things.

First stop was LUSH. Now I was kinda shocked when I saw what they had left. There were about 6 different bath bombs to choose from and 3 bubble baths. Also they were out of the 'Intergalatic' bath bomb! Anyway I got the 'Frozen' and 'Avobath' bath bombs and the 'Pop In The Bath' and 'Granny Takes A Dip' bubble baths. The lovely lady in the shop also got me a little sample of their 'Charity Pot'. Everything smells amazing and I can't wait to use all of it.

I then went on to Depot and got this lovely pink flower thing as well as the wooden mat.
The furry cushion is from H&M Home and it's so freaking soft I want to live in it.

Speaking of H&M I also got this red cardigan which is lovely. It's cosy and soft and keeps you nice and warm. They also had it in grey but I needed to get some more colour in my wardrobe except for grey, white and black.

Next stop was MAC. I never owned anything by MAC before so I thought it would be time. I went for the 'Bombshell' lipstick and the 'Hip'N'Happy' lip pencil.
They both have a lovely red-pinkish shade so it's more natural and perfect for school or uni if you want to use lipstick.

My last stop was a outlet. The first item that I picked up was a cardigan/ kimono by Malvin. It's really soft and slightly over sized so perfect for winter or colder spring and fall days.
The second and also last item I got was the 'all about eyes' concealer from Clinique in the light (01). I hate make up to be honest, especially foundation, powder and concealer since I'm really pale and usually your face is a little lighter then your neck right? Not with me my face is always slightly red and darker so it's incredibly hard to to find the perfect match because either it makes me my face look really dark or orange. This is now the first concealer that does actually go with my paleness. I think I need a professional advice on all that stuff.

I also found three different prom dresses which I really like. I haven't bought them yet of course sine my mum and I will keep looking for some more but I wrote down the designer and took photos so I can keep them in mind.

What are your favourite lipsticks from MAC?

lots of love


  1. My favourite Mac lipsticks are velvet teddy for everyday and Russian red for going out
    Carrieanne X

  2. Love love loved this haul! I was like that with makeup all the time, but as I started practicing it, watching youtube videos, or simply mixing a drop of foundation with my face moisturiser - made me fall in love with makeup. In saying that though, I kind of only really got into makeup because I was sick and I was about to go back to school and I didn't want to look like a train wreck when I went back. But if you're confident with out it, I say skip the makeup and just embrace it.

    Ooooh and my favourite lipstick is Velvet Teddy (because I'm yet to try anything else)

    Gina x

    1. I try to go without make up more often now since I don't actually have the time anymore :) and I have put Velvet Teddy on my wishlist now haha x

  3. I think most people's face is actually darker than their neck, simply because our face gets more sun. It also makes it difficult for me to find the right foundation shade: if I match it to my neck, which is what most sales assistant try to do, then it's noticeably lighter than my face. I think it's a pretty common problem in fact!

    1. glad you said that I always thought my skin is weird because of this!

  4. Looks like a really nice haul of goodies - particularly the Lush items! Tania xx taniamichele.blogspot.co.uk

  5. The lush bath bombs look so nice, I've seen the intergalactic one whizzing around in the shop, it looked so colourful! I love the wooden mat, I see the cushion and flower have became backgrounds props as well :)

    Ami x