My 18th Birthday

Hey there how are you on this incredibly spring like Wednesday? I'm currently having a pretty bad cold so sorry this is a little late.
But anyway on Sunday I told you I would write about my 18th birthday and that's what I'm about to do so here we go.

On Saturday (23rd January) we all got up really early to go out for breakfast. Before we left my mum, dad and Hannah gave my my presents (I'll show you those later) and I got to see my cake which had 18 candles and an old photo of me on top.

We then met my aunt and uncle for breakfast and I had literally the best pancakes you'll ever get to eat. 
Later on Hannah and I decided to go shopping since it was her first time in Munich. If you want to know what I got click here for Sundays post.

As we got home my mum and dad already had everything decorated for the party later on and everything looked incredible. 
At around 5 my parents left and my friends came. 
And first thing we did was play Just Dance 3 on Wii so Hannah and the other girls had a chance to get to know each other. We then moved on to eating chili, playing Heads Up, eating cake and then watching the Cinderella movie.

After the film more and more of my friends left to go home but we decided to play some Wii Party.

So all in all I couldn't have wished for a better party. I know that many people say you should celebrate your 18th birthday with a huge party and lots of alcohol but to be honest if I would've had to host such a party I wouldn't have enjoyed my birthday at all so having this little 'girlsnight' was just perfect.

Hannah went home on Sunday after we did some sightseeing and as we walked away from the security check I cried quite a lot hoping she'll come back in summer hopefully with Julia.

And now before I leave here are my presents (I did not include the money because you just don't share something like that).

the football from my parents

another photo album
 lots of love

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