Kylie Lipkit Review

This one's for all my fellow lipstick lovers. A week or so before I went ofs on holiday a little black parcel arrived at my house and I got so so so excited. I finally got my hands on two Kylie lipkits, Koko K and Posie K. And since I love wearing them I thought I'd do a little review. Now I'm not the best at reviews so bare with me on this one please.

First of all the packaging is really cute. There's not too much going on, which I really like, but still enough to know what the whole thing is about and I feel like that kind of design makes it really recognisable.

Now to the actual lipkits. Koko K is my favourite because it's suitable for every simple day and night makeup. I think it's more of a cool toned pinkish nude. The texture is smooth and it doesn't dry patchy but quick so if you made a mistake applying you need to be quick. I have to say though the staying power of Koko K is not as good as Posie K but still better than most lipsticks I have.

Moving on to Posie K. This one is more of a dark berry shade. I wouldn't really use it in summer unless me and my friends are having a night out since this is more of a fall/winter shade to me. Texture is the as Koko K however I noticed that Posie K dries quite patchy so be careful when aplying. Other than that the staying power is a lot better than Koko K.

The Lipliners are both really soft which is good when it comes to aplying but horrible when you need to sharpen them. The tip of my Koko lipliner broke off so many times that I decided to put it in the fridge 5 minutes before I sharpen it every time and it works a lot better now.

But basically I'd defenitely buy more lipkits if I get the chance to again because they are worth the price if compare them with other lipsticks, which were more expensive, that I own.

Do you own any of Kylies lipkits and if so let me know which ones and what you think of them.

lots of love

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