Week 9 Recap

Well hello there how are you all doing?
Week 9 was off to a good start with lots of motivation but ended with a horrible stomach ache. I put so much will power into getting through every week's workouts but this time I sadly failed.

I usually workout Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays as these are my least busy days of the week but this time I could not do the third workout of the week not even this weekend. 

On Thursday I started feeling incredibly unwell, was sick twice and felt like I would faint any minute which made it impossible to workout. I'd hoped to make up for the missed day on Friday but nope I still felt really unwell and nor ready to do any exercises as I was barely able to keep my breakfast down. And like this it went on until today. 

I do indeed feel better today and don't get any stomach aches after eating but I don't want to risk anything as I will need to get back to work tomorrow.
Therefore I've decided to add the missed workout of week 9 on to tomorrows workout for week 10 and won't post the weekly badge on Instagram until Monday. It just doesn't feel right to post it when I actually haven't really finished he week.

Enough about my health let's talk about what fun things I did this week. 
I actually went to see "Beauty And The Beast" on Friday when it came out and oh my gosh it is AMAZING. I want to watch it again so badly. Emma Watson did an incredible job as Bell and my god this woman can sing. 

First I was slightly nervous about the singing part as I feared it might derange my picture of her as a perfect actress but damn she's really good.
The animations are made with so much detail and love and to be honest I don't understand why people they they're scary because they are not. They're just really realistic. 
I really recommend watching the film if you're as big of a Disney lover as I am and have nothing against a more modern version of the old classic.

Also happy St. Patrick's Day to all the Irish out there. I may not be Irish, maybe I am I just don't know, but I still wore green on Friday and today when I went to see the parade in London.
Sadly though I have to say I preferred the Munich parade a lot more as I feel like they put some more effort in it but I'm not saying they didn't put effort into the London one I just like the one in Munich more.

We did want to go to a pub and have some food but everything was so packed we decided to go for a nice Currywurst, which I've missed a lot, and it tasted so good. I guess it's true that you only start appreciating what you have once you can't have it every day.

Anyone else who's watching "Call The Midwife" because I'm obsessing over it at the moment. How I did I not know about it early? It's so good. I'm currently on season three and I just adore the characters. Their development through the seasons and the storyline never gets boring. You might thinks so at first but there's always a plot twist you weren't expecting at all.
If you haven't checked it out but love these kind old times series that take place in the 50s and these years then you should definitely check it out because I need someone to talk about it with.

And that's it for this week. I hope next week will be better and that I can finish all my workouts in time again but I think as long as I want it I can and will do it.
Hope you'll have a great week and let me know something fun you did this weekend or during the week.

lots of love

PS: I kinda managed to gather enough confidence to link my blog to my Instagram account which lots of people from my school follow. So I guess I just shared my secret with all of them.

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