Week 7 Recap

It's March which means it's kinda finally spring as well and I am so so happy about this.
Can you believe that I started the plan in January and now it's March already.
I feel like time is flying by faster and faster every year. Honestly though I blink and it feels like I just went straight from Monday to Friday.

Anyway week 7 was great. Even though I had quite a stress full week with my host mum being away I have to take care of a lot more things but I still think I made the most of my free time. 
On Saturday I explored Little Venice and ended up in Notting Hill in the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising, which by the way if you're in London and interested in working in the industry later one just like I want to then you should definitely check them out. It's like a time tunnel starting in the Victorian times going all the way up to today.

Other than that I realised that I actually didn't gain a lot of weight in my stomach area I was just bloating incredibly bad. Surely I did gain weight because I can see on my legs and waist but because I've been taking this homoeopathic pulver to clean the gut from the inside my stomach has flattened a lot since Monday. Also I want to try and cut out more and more dairy products over the next couple of weeks.
I already substituted milk with soy milk and also only use soy yogurt. cheese however will be hard because cheese is just.... I mean who doesn't love cheese.

Another thing I'm really happy about this week is that I now have a certificate proving I'm on the A1 level for french. YAY.... only took me like 3 moths haha but yeah this makes me feel pretty good cos now I can say I can "speak" 3 languages.

Also we booked flights to Amsterdam in August and planned a weekend for the whole family to get together and have a catch up in August as well. SO excited for this to happen. I miss them all so much.

Workout wise I can't believe I'll be starting week 8 tomorrow which means there are only 4 more to go. And a really cool thing I noticed yesterday morning which nearly made me scream was that I found an ab!! I mean I had to tense a lot and also such in my belly a bit but with the right lighting I saw an ab. How cool is that I've always dreamet about having abs and now I only need to get rid of that last fat layer hiding them from the world.

And on that note I wish you all a lovely Sunday night I hope you had a great weekend and that your next week will be amazing. I'll now go and have dinner and then watch SS-GB on BBC One (damn that's a good show but the audio.. ehh there's room for improvement).

lots of love

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