Week 10 Recap

Well hello there. How are you on this gorgeous spring evening. I didn't actually get the chance to leave the house today because I was working on my portfolio for UNI, which by the way I finally managed to finish, however I did open all the windows and marvelled at the sunny weather outside.
Also anyone else feeling sad because they lost 1 hours of sleep but is also happy about longer evenings? I'm kinda torn between these two feelings haha. 

It's the end of week 10 and I'm still confused about time. How do 10 weeks go by so quick? I started this plan in January and now it's already the end of March. Also I realised that the girls and boys who were in year 11 when I did my A-Levels are about to start theirs in like 3 weeks. The heck it's been a whole year already I feel like I'm loosing grip of time. Anyone else feeling the same way? 

Still love the plan though and the fact that I only have 2 weeks left makes me want to give it my all to finish it properly. I'm planning on writing a review on the whole plan after the 12 weeks are over so there will only be one weekly recap left after this one.

I'm also planning some other blog posts to go up in April and May so this blog won't be deserted again. I'm really trying to find time and motivation but working as an Au Pair is pretty draining just as any other job is believe me. I  usually fall asleep at 10pm since I'm hear whereas back home I would go to bed until maybe 1 or 2am. Oh well guess I'm just becoming an adult earlier than my friends. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing but it'll certainly help with UNI responsibilities, hopefully.

I'm rambling, aren't I? Actually  wanted to talk about what happened this week because there was quite a lot going on.

Number one... I went to see Windsor Castle on Saturday and oh my gosh it's amazing. It's definitely worth the money and I actually turned my ticket into a 12 months pass because I'm pretty sure I'll go there again before I leave in July. Windsor unfortunately was packed with tourist but the weather was really nice and I decided to have a stroll through the streets anyway.

Number 2...We, by that I mean my host family and I, also had visits from various State Agents as they're trying to sell the house and move into a slightly bigger one. I'm quite relieved that it won't affect me as it'll probably happen at the end of the year. Anyway it's still stressful, having to find something to do outside while people look at your room and the things you own, that aren't hidden somewhere, can prove to be quite hard. And that's also the reason I choose this day trip to Windsor.

Number 3... My host mum made me freak out on Friday so badly because she texted me like 2 hours before I had to pick up the child from school to make some cupcakes for the cake sale. I was pretty angry because I was off the whole day on Thursday which meant I could've easily made some really nice cupcakes then but because she forgot I only had 2 hours on Friday which was about enough time to make chocolate chip muffins. I absolutely love baking but I hate it when I get rushed into it and can't unfold my creativity.

As I've already mentioned I wrapped up my portfolio and now only need to wait for my mum to take it home and put it together the way I'll tell her to and then hand it in for me. Fingers crossed I'll get admitted to the placement test. I'll write about it on here for sure if I get admitted.
If not I'll probably look for an apprenticeship as a graphic designer rather than in communication design. But let's hope I'll get accepted at UNI especially because it's in Munich and therefore I could keep living with my parents until I find an affordable flat, which is kinda impossible in Munich as a student.

I'm excited to see what the next week holds for me and please can the weather stay like this? 

lots of love

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