Week 8 Recap

Lunging into week 9 and I'm shook. How is it already the last third of 12 weeks? Time really goes by quick if you spend it doing something you really love. 
The same goes for the fact that I only have 3 1/2 months left in London. What have I even done in the past 7 months?? But I guess I'll just have to make the most of the remaining time taking in every minute.

This week was pretty good. I made some amazing oat squares and managed to cut out dairy for breakfast and lunch during the whole week.
And I don't know why but I think because the weather was so amazing this week I was incredibly motivated to work out. I did the workouts from the plan obviously but also some quiet cardio every day. By quiet I mean a routine that gets you sweating and burning fat without jumping around. 
These were perfect as my room is right above the kitchen and when I did the workout in the evening I didn't disturb anyone down there eating with me jumping around in my room.

Apart from this my weekend was really exciting too. On Saturday I got to visit Hampton Court and learn some more about Henry VIII which was pretty amazing as I love visiting palaces and seeing how people lived in these days. He was kinda cruel tho but still great history. And the gardens oh my god I was so happy that the weather was nice and warm so I could sit outside and have lunch, which I had brought from home, and read and take some pictures, look out for them on my Instagram I'll be posting them during the week.

And then today I meat up with one of my friends from school for some cake and tea and we had a little shopping trip. By the way "Cutter & Squidge", that's the cafe's name, have amazing cakes. I've been there twice now and I love it so much. If you live in London or get the chance to visit you need to check them out. All their cakes are organic and they also have Biskies which are perfect when you don't feel like having a whole slice of cake but still want a little something to eat. AND they have loyalty cards which means if you buy 8 pieces of cake or Bieskies you'll get a free one the next time.
I actually bought a Nutella Biskie today to end my cheat day the right way while watching SS-GB as last Sunday as well.

About the shopping, I bought my first ever pair of mom jeans today and I am so in love with them already. They're from Zara and I have a picture of them on my Twitter if you want to see them but I might actually write a fashion post about them if I can get one of the girls I know from the classes to help me with the pictures. I'll keep you updated on that one though.

And that's it for week 8 I think. I'm feeling really strong and motivated to get started with a new workout routine tomorrow and I hope you're week will be amazing too.

lots of love

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