Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

I hope you've done all your Christmas shopping because there are only four days left. FOUR DAYS!! Can you believe it the time's gone by so quickly. 

Now obviously you don't want to put the presents under the tree without any wrapping so I thought I would share my ideas with you. 
Usually I let my mum do the creative part when it comes to wrapping but not this year so if you're like me this might help you get inspired.

For this one I used a holographic/glittery wrapping paper I found at the drugstore. And then I used a mate dark red and a shiny red ribbon and also added a silver glittery tinsel like ribbon. 
Obviously you could use any colours since the wrapping is silver. 
Make sure they're all the same length and then wrap them around the present twice. I did it more on the left side.
Once you've done that make a knot in the middle. If you want to you could leave it like that and just curl the ends of the red ribbons but I decided to make a bow with the silver ribbon and then curl the red ones.

The second one is quite similar but a lot more colourful. The paper for this one is so cute. It has little presents and Christmas trees on it. Since there are already colours on the paper I choose red and gold ribbons and some kind of raffia. The gold ribbon is similar to the silver one.
Again make sure they are all the same length and wrap them around twice. This time I choose to do a bow with the gold ribbon and the raffia since the red ribbon was a weird fabric and it wouldn't stay in place.
Of course you can choose to do whatever you like to do with the ribbons.

In addition you can put a little sign or card on there as well and fix it with a knot but we didn't have any fitting ones so I decided to not use any. Also you can put baubles or starts in the
bow as well whatever you want and looks good in your eyes.

I hope you now have some more ideas on how to wrap your presents. I also find pinterest really helpful they have amazing ideas on there when it comes to gift wrappings.

By the way do you celebrate Christmas on the 24th or the 25th?
lots of love


  1. This is a lovely post! I just came across your blog on google+ but I see you're also a Girl Gang member. I celebrate Christmas on the 25th x

    1. thank you! I really like your blog your pictures look amazing! x

  2. These are some lovely wrapping ideas! I love spending time over wrapping :) x

    1. Wrapping is so relaxing when you put on some christmas music or films. It's my favourite part about presents! x

  3. These ideas are great! I could spend hours and hours wrapping presents x