Lush Haul

A couple of days ago I did all my Christmas shopping and while I was in the city I just has to pop into Lush and check out all the lovely Christmas bath bombs and bubble baths they have at the moment.
I only got 3 things since there was so much going on in the shop and at one point I couldn't cope anymore.

First thing I got was the Butter Bear. I heard so much about it and everyone was so excited about it I just had to get one myself. It actually is a bath bomb and it smells incredible. Also if you have really sensible skin this is perfect for you. I believe there is no perfume at all in it. Looks good, smells good (even without perfume) and will most likely leave your skin really smooth.

Thing two is the Magic Wand. Again I saw so many people how loved this one so again I thought I'll give it a try. 
It's a bubble bath and the Lush ones really are the best. I feel like you get so many baths and bubbles out of on piece which makes it rather cheap. I think the wand was 9€ which seems much at the moment but once you've used it up you'll see that every other good quality bubble bath would've been way more expensive.
Again amazing smell and cute looking.

The last thing I got was the Intergalactic bath bomb. They put one in a bowl of water in the shop and immediately the whole shop smelled of mint and it look so cool in the water. So of course I had to get this one as well. I'm not too keen on smell to be honest but the way the water looked was to amazing to not have at home as well. Intergalactic has to be my favourite one judging by the looks.

Also a couple of weeks ago I also got the Father Christmas bath bomb and on Saturday I tried it. I was really surprised when it suddenly turned from pink to green in the water but it look really cool. The smell was heavenly and my skin was so smooth afterwards. Big thumbs up for Father Christmas. 

One last thing. The new bags are so cute. They're so colourful and bright I hope you keep them for a while.

What are your favourite products from Lush I want to get some more. I'm slightly addicted to Lush at the moment.

lots of love


  1. I also got the Father Christmas bath bomb , but it was last year xP I'm glad you like your LUSH haul because LUSH is really amazing!!

    I really love LUSH's cleansers! I have dry to normal, so I use Angels on bare skin! Their ocean salt and their body butter are also divine <3

    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. I'm always so tempted to try one of their body butters but I never actually buy them. Next time I'll definitely get one! x

  2. You've described my last shopping experience perfectly! I went to get Christmas presents but HAD to get my own pampering products from Lush, but I only bought one face mask that I NEEDED and the gift boxes and had to get out of there because it was hectic!

    Kyah /

    1. Lush is so packed when it comes to Christmas. The one in Munich is so small but they still have so many things! x