Favourite Christmas films


Happy second of advent only two more weeks till Christmas can you believe it?
During this time of year I think everyone has those films that they watch year after year after year. Kind of like a tradition.
Today I want to share my all time favourite Christmas films with you.

Starting with a rather unusual one because it's not actually chritsmassy is 'Twilight' or basically the whole series (I only own the first part but Netflix has the rest gladly). I'm not sure why I think I just kind of connect it with Christmas since they all were released near December.
I've read the books as well and since then it's one of my favourite films on earth. By the way are you Team Edward or Team Jacob. I'm always with Jacob, still crushing on Taylor Lautner as well.

Next one is not a christmassy one as well but I feel like Disney films are always perfect for Christmas. Yes 'Finding Nemo' the only Disney film I own and I'm so glad I have it. It's just always right and it brings the family together so what could you want more during Christmas time. 
Also I watched 'Princess and the frog' yesterday can you believe that's been released 6 years ago? I mean I felt really old when I noticed it.


Number three is finally a proper Christmas film. It's 'A Christmas carol' a classic. I used to be afraid of it since it can be quite scary especially in the beginning and the last ghost. But now I actually squeak when I see it's on TV. If you haven't seen it yet go watch it, it's a must.

Another one of my favourites is 'The Polarexpress'. I've watched it since I was little and by now I know every song by heart and also when which song will play in the movie as well as what each character says when but still I can't resist watching it over and over again. The soundtrack is one of the best a film has ever had. At least that's what I think but lets be honest it's true.


And lastly but no way least, since it's my ultimate favourite, I watched it today as well, it's 'The Grinch'. I've been watching this one every year over again since I was 5 or 4 I believe and I never ever get sick of it. However so many of my friends never even heard of 'The Grinch' and I don't get why. It's such a classic and it's on TV ever year for at least 4 times during December. Clearly I'll get everyone to come over to mine and watch it with them because how could I not show them this incredibly amazing film.

On a site note I wanted to quickly show you what I got for St. Nikolaus Day today. If you don't have this tradition where you are, little kids usually put their boots out, or in front of their door, on the 5th of December and then on the 6th there are little treat in the boot. Of course I'm not a little child anymore but we still do this, I get something for my parents and they get me something. And today I got something I really wished for. The 'Secret Garden' colouring book. I'm actually giving this away as a gift myself so I was so happy when my mum got it for me too. And yes it really is relaxing. I spent about 2 hours colouring in the first page without noticing it took 2 hours. Perfect gift and perfect to treat yourself.
Other than that I got a huge chocolate Nikolaus and two chocolate snowmen, filled with milk cream, from Milka.

I hope you all had a lovely Sunday and got some amazing treats from St. Nikolaus.

lots of love


  1. Ahhh I love The Grinch! I've never ever seen Polar Express though, is it a must see?x

    Mollie Victoria Beauty | Blog

    1. yes absolutely! it's amazing you need to watch x

  2. I just follow your blog .Nice work. Its so relaxing the secret garden .

  3. I love a good Disney film around Christmas! I love it when they show the ones I haven't got on DVD a lot yet! Love polar express as well x