Yearly Favourites

Is it just me or did 2015 go bye so quickly? This year had it's ups and downs and to be honest I can't wait for 2016.
Normally you would be reading a December Favourites now but since tomorrow is New Year's Eve I thought I'd show you my 2015 Favourites.
I tired to narrow it down but there are still quite a lot of things so I suggest you grab a cup of tea and get comfortable.

Starting off with books I've really been enjoying the colouring book by Johanna Basford. My mum got me the Secret Garden and the designs are incredibly beautiful. I try to sit down and colour parts of it every other day and I feel so relaxed afterwards. If you tend to get stressed easily go get this you'll love it.

Another book I felt so connected with this year and I believe forever is 'Fangirl' by Rainbow Rowell. If you're a fangirl like me you'll love this book it's so relatable in so many ways and Rainbow Rowell is an incredible author. The way she writes is amazing and makes you feel like you're right there in the story.

I've always had really thin and weak hair (it's still weak but I'm taking tablets to strengthen them) and when I heard about L'oréal's Elvital Fibralogy I had to get it. And yes my hair did get thicker and shinier. I use the shampoo every other day and the conditioner twice a week and it really works. So if your hair's like mine try this if you haven't already.

Make up wise there wasn't much I loved this year. However the Miss Manga mascara by L'oréal blew my mind. Incredible. I don't think my lashes are short but they're not too long but this mascara let's your lashes seem SO long it's unreal. Really good.

Another item was my first ever proper lipstick. It's from Shisaido and a darker berry colour. I always thought I couldn't pull off dark lipsticks because I'm really pale (that's why I hate buying foundation) and have blond hair but I was wrong. And I'm so glad I decided to get this one. I'll be at MAC really soon and I want to buy some more lipsticks so if you know some darker ones that are good for pale people let me know.

I'm not much of accessories but I do have a few necklaces. This one I've been wearing everyday. It's really decent and gold, that's why I love it so much. 
The bracelet it more rose gold and also rather decent. I guess you can see I'm not much of a fan of big statement necklace or huge bracelets I just like to keep it simple.

When it comes to face masks there is only one I actually used and it's the Origins Clear Improvements active charcoal mask to clear pores. Everyone was raving about this so I thought I'd give it a try and to be honest it's nothing special. It does work however I don't think it's special or works wonders.

I think I never painted my nails more often than this year so I thought I'd include the one I used most. It's the 'Parka Perfect' by essie. The grey-blueish colour just makes it suitable for every time of the year.

Shea hand cream by the body shop. I can't praise this hand cream enough. Your hands will thank you. Firstly the scent is amazing, secondly it suspends really quick and thirdly moisturising level 100. Believe me you'll love it and it's worth the 6€.

Lastly is music. One album ,or should I say band, I couldn't get enough of in 2015 was and is obviously One Direction. I just can't help it their music is amazing, they look amazing and they just are the most incredible human beings on earth.

If you followed my last favourites posts you will know that I always include a playlist of my favourites song this month but since these are my 2015 favourites here's my 2015 ultimate favourites playlist.

If you made it all the way down here let me know what you enjoy most this year.

lots of love


  1. Shea hand cream is my ultimate favourite from the body shop for the exact reasons you've mentioned. I need to read other books by Rainbow Rowell, I've only managed Eleanor & Park which I loved & One Direction's album was incredible as per. Lovely post!xo

    C | Another Cinderella Story

  2. I still haven't bought an adult coloring book but I was tempted by the Harry Potter one! That necklace and nail polish by Essie are so pretty! I hope you have a lovely new year x