Chocolate Pralines

No this is not a baking post again however it still involves the boiling water, chocolate and the fridge. Yes you're right we're making chocolate pralines. It's been ages since I last made them and I totally forgot how much fun it is. All the snacking on the chocolate and possible fillings.

But let's get started. First of you want to get some silicone moulds I choose gingerbread men, candy canes and stars. 

Now to the actual pralines. Depending on whether you want to fill them or just make the complete chocolate you will need
about 200g of dark chocolate
and 200g of milk chocolate

I made complete chocolate ones, so no filling, and used this amount of if however you choose to fill them you'll only need around 100g-150g of each chocolate. 

Step one is cutting the chocolate in small pieces. This will help to melt everything faster. 
Then bring some water in a pot to boil and place a bowl on top of the pot. Make sure the water can't reach the chocolate.
The melting shouldn't take to long just stir the mixture now and then. 

After everything is smooth and there are no clumps take the bowl and place it next to your moulds. Be careful though since it might me really hot.

Now comes the 'dirty' part because you will most likely get chocolate everywhere. First I used a teaspoon and put two tsp in every mould. Then I added a bit more until the mould was filled with chocolate up to the edges. To make sure there are no bubbles I then slightly tapped the mould on the counter. And then just put it in the fridge for around 1 to 2 hours. 
Of course you can get the chocolate into the moulds using anything you want. 

If you decide to fill them with cherries or marzipan ... you'll need to drizzle some chocolate into the moulds and flip the whole thing upside down letting the chocolate drip out again. This should cover the sides and bottom. If not just repeat the step. Then put it in the fridge for 10 minutes.
After that you can put the cherries... inside the mould and drizzle the remaining chocolate on top till the whole mould it filled with it. Put it in the fridge again for about an hour. 

The pralines will last around 10 days if you keep them cold and away from too much light.
What are your favourites filling in pralines? And if you decide to make these what are you going for? I love cherries and nuts it's just one are crunchy and the other ones are so soft and juicy. Chocolate pralines are heaven and if they're self made they're even better.

lots of love

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